ESC User Group Information

ESC recognizes that our customers have hectic schedules and cannot always find the time to talk one-on-one with ESC about their ideas and concerns. To ensure that all of our customers are heard, ESC hosts twice-yearly User Group Meetings each spring and fall for ESC users to interact with fellow users and the ESC team about various products, services, best practices and industry hot topics. Typically a two-day event, these gatherings provide a valuable opportunity to offer advice and receive solutions from other professionals dealing with air compliance issues and daily practice.

Coming Next: Spring 2017 Meeting

Monday, May 8th & Tuesday, May 9th

Followed by The EPRI CEMS User Group Conference
Both events are at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel
400 North Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75201


I learn something new every meeting, and I’ve been attending for 12 years.

At ESC User Group, customers have the opportunity to take advantage of events such as: 

  • Updates on Regulatory issues
  • Member presentations on experiences and solutions
  • Guest presentations by industry experts
  • Breakout Sessions allowing you to learn about relevant topics and participate in hands-on exercises within a small group of fellow users and ESC or customer team leaders (over 40 sessions at our last meeting)
  • Support updates and educational presentations to help you find the answers you need, efficiently
  • Presentations from ESC leaders on planned development for ESC products and services, and a chance for customers to influence that development
  • Typically at the Fall Meeting we also offer training opportunities in the days surrounding User Group, allowing customers to make the most of their trip to ESC User Group.

Join us at an ESC User Group meeting and let your voice be heard!

User Group Member Only