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Oops! Having trouble finding something?

We have a new website and some old links that went through the SignIn page (/SignIn/Default.aspx) have been moved or no longer exist. We have redirected many of them, but here are a few tips to help you find your way since you have landed here.

  • Login to the website from any page, by using the LOGIN button in the upper right corner 
    • After you log in you will be returned to the page where you clicked the button
    • If, instead, you click a link to something behind our login you will be passed on to that location after logging in
    • For better security and continuity our website login is handled through our new customer support community, hosted by
  • Login to the ESC Customer Community for Support 
    • Downloads and Documentation for our products are available there along with case submission and tracking
    • It is a separate site from the website, just like the old CAP (Customer Access Portal), and we've moved most of our support activities there. The home page buttons are very helpful. Try searching in Knowledge if you cannot find something.
  • See what is in our new centralized Resource Library here on the website
    • Some items will require that you log in, most won't
    • We have consolidated many kinds of content here, which had been scattered over the old site. Use the filters to find Past Webinar recordings, User Group Slides, MATS Readiness materials and new Articles! Or use keyword searches to find specific content in any format
  • See upcoming Events and Webinars, any event that has not yet occured can be found there
  • You could also Open a Case in the support community or Contact Us if you cannot find what you are looking for
Website login access is available to Customers with current support contracts.