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Reporting Services

ESC Spectrum recognizes that our customers have demanding schedules and do not always have the resources available to execute all of the reports required or desired. Staying current on regulations, requirements and reporting methods can be time consuming, but you can get the help you need from ESC Spectrum. Our dedicated Reporting Analysts are here to ensure that your data is properly recorded, your reports meet ever-changing requirements and your data is ready for submission.

Reporting Services are conducted from ESC Spectrum’s corporate facility. Our experienced analysts can remotely review your data and prepare it for submission while you concentrate on other responsibilities. Available annually or for Ozone Season reporting, ESC Spectrum offers an array of reporting services as an alternative to completing these sometimes overwhelming tasks in-house.


EDR Reporting

ESC Spectrum will remotely access your data, generate an EDR, clean data, troubleshoot errors and prepare a file ready for submission to EPA through the Emissions Control Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS). ESC Spectrum will alert Company staff to issues that require additional attention, for example maximum load or MPC being exceeded.

ESC Spectrum will enter all applicable quarterly and annual Quality Assurance and Certification Test data in StackVision for 40 CFR 75 reporting requirements. The validity of Part 75 test information will be checked in ECMPS via QA Certification EDR.

QA Certification Test Data Entry includes any of the following:

  • Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)
  • Air Emissions Testing Body (AETB)
  • Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP) (Certificates must be provided to ESC in specified format)
  • Linearity
  • Flow-to-Load
  • Fuel Flowmeter Accuracy
  • Fuel Flow-to-Load
  • Orifice Plate Inspections
  • Transmitter/Transducer Tests
  • Appendix E NOX Correlation Tests
  • Cycle Time Tests
  • Offline Calibration Demonstration
  • QA Certification Events
  • Extension/Exemption data
  • Annual Span and Range Check (per 40 CFR 75 Appendix A)
  • CO2 Control Chart


Permit Compliance Reporting

ESC Spectrum will remotely access your system, review your data for exceedances and downtime, troubleshoot errors, and generate quarterly reports required for permit compliance that are available in StackVision. If you are subject to PADEP Revision 8, ESC Spectrum can prepare and verify your Rev. 8 Emissions EDRs in PADEP CEMDPS.

StackVision reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceedance Events
  • Exceedance Events Duration
  • Downtime Events
  • Downtime Events Duration
  • Performance Summary
  • 30-Day Rolling Average Detail
  • Operating Time Duration
  • Opacity Matrix
  • Removal Status
  • Startup Shutdown Incident
  • Periodic Monitor Availability


Data Review (Weekly or Daily)

ESC Spectrum’s knowledgeable team will check your system, weekly or daily, to ensure that data collection is occurring and is accurate. We will also alert you to any problems, eliminating the risk of missing compliance data.

Data Review covers:

  • Ensuring hourly data is collected (polled)
  • Inspect hourly data values for missing data, outliers, anomalies and data flags
  • Checking calibration data
  • Verifying ProcessNow data processing completed successfully
  • Reviewing alarms
  • Periodically validating Emissions
    and QA EDR in ECMPS
  • Troubleshooting issues identified
    during review
  • Alerting Company staff to issues that require additional attention


Contact the ESC Spectrum Sales Team to learn more.