Empowering You to Get the Most Out of the ESC DAS

Your facility deserves a CEMS data management partner—an experienced team of professionals who know how to do everything related to supporting your data acquisition and reporting.

And we’ve got know-how in spades. Here’s our current menu of services. Click on any option to learn more...

Reporting Services

We’ve been helping companies report to EPA and state regulators since we began this work nearly 50 years ago. Let ESC take data review and report preparation off your to-do list. Our reporting specialists will review your facility’s data, create all necessary reports, alert you to any problems, and help troubleshoot any errors.
You can select a variety of reporting options—including EDR or Permit report creation and daily or weekly data reviews.

Learn more about Reporting Services.

IT Services

The ESC DAS is a sophisticated tool, designed to integrate seamlessly with your other systems. But keeping the Server that hosts your DAS updated, secure, and playing nicely with the rest of your operations demands plenty of technical attention. Let ESC handle the daily, weekly, and annual technical details—while you focus on bigger and better tasks.

Our IT services include a selection that ranges from just a little occaissional help, like a Data Purge, all the way up to Remote Hosting where we take care of everything IT, all in our own hosted environment.

Learn more about how our IT Services group can help make your life easier.


Configuring any DAS is a complicated process. Reams of rules, finicky changes, so many things to update with added equipment or rule changes. ESC|StackStudio gives an easy interface for making the changes, but if you only do it once in a while, are new to the system, or not quite clear on how to implement the regulations, it can be a daunting task. 

Luckily, we’ve configured thousands of systems across the country, and we can do it for you, too. Our seasoned systems professionals can configure your DAS to your facility’s precise requirements, ensure it is updated, align it with the latest regulations, or make it work smoothly with your other resources. Contact us to inquire about Engineering Services, we'd love to help figure out your configuration challenges.

You may also want to consider our new DAS Evolution service. Is your DAS still in synch with your current needs? The DAS Evolution process takes you through discovery, implementation and documentation of a prioritized list of improvements and fixes. Review details about the DAS Evolution process.


DASProtect is a package of support and maintenance services designed to save your facility money, time, and headaches. It’s like robust insurance for your ESC DAS—but insurance that pays for itself long before there’s a problem.

DASProtect offers a long list of benefits—including round-the-clock phone and online support, an extensive library of how-to articles online, discounted services, training, software upgrades—and more.

Learn more about ESC|DASProtect’s coverage.