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Empowering You to Get the Most Out of the ESC Spectrum Data Acquisition System (DAS)

ESC Spectrum is your continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) data management partner. With over five decades of experience helping companies meet air emissions compliance, our experienced team of professionals supports all of your facility's data acquisition needs. Our services include Reporting, Engineering, IT, and support & maintenance. 

Reporting Services

We’ve been helping companies report to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state regulators over 50 years ago. Our expert Reporting Services team can take data review and report preparation off your to-do list. They will review your facility’s data, create all necessary reports, alert you to any problems, and help troubleshoot errors. You can select from various reporting options -- including EDR or Permit report creation -- and daily or weekly data reviews. Learn more.

Engineering Services

Configuring any Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a complicated process. Federal and local regulations evolve and require system-wide changes. While ESC Spectrum StackStudio provides users with an intuitive interface to make changes to their DAS, if you are new to the software, unclear on regulatory directives, or don’t have time or staff, our expert Engineering Services team can help. Learn more.

IT Services

Let our IT experts help you with the time-consuming challenges that come with server software and hardware maintenance. They can assist you with the daily, weekly, and annual technical challenges of managing and integrating a complicated system, allowing you to focus on meeting regulatory compliance. Our IT Services include remote hosting, server management, server upgrade and migration, retirement hosting services, SQL tune-ups, data purges, and more. Learn more.


DASProtect is our robust package of support and maintenance services designed to save your facility money, time and ensure your DAS runs smoothly and efficiently.  DASProtect offers a long list of benefits, including round-the-clock phone and online support, an extensive library of how-to articles online, discounted services, training, software upgrades and more. It is available at two levels - Sentry and Fortress. Learn more.

CEMS Services

ESC Spectrum provides a full suite of CEMS services, from professional maintenance and training to repair and calibration to stack testing. Learn more.