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Welcome to our resource library. Here you can locate useful information to read online or download for later user. We include articles written by our engineers and regulatory specialists, job aids, case studies, links to view past webinars, presentation slides from our semi-annual user group meetings and other events.


Mock Audit - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

Join ESC's Jon Konings to discuss strategies in preparing for a regulatory audit.

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Join this session to learn the pros of upgrading your data controller to the latest model as well as the requirements and procedure of taking the leap to the ESC|8864 Data Controller.


Tired of waiting for your data and alarms? Push polling will help you get them instantaneously. Join us to learn how to take advantage of this feature.


Learn more about some of the latest improvements in the new 8864 firmware v5.03.


Tracking the due dates for your QA tests are time-consuming and difficult. Our new tool will allow you to track your QA tests in one place. Come see how it can make your life easier.


At the request and recommendation of the ESC User Group Steering Committee, ESC has set a date of January 1, 2019 as the formal obsolescence date for the ESC|8832 Data Controller. Are you ready?


This is a zipped folder containing slides from all presentations at the Fall 2017 User Group in Austin, TX.


Over the last several years, the availability of low cost natural gas has changed the dispatch demands for many combustion turbines...


Learn more about the latest developments with ESC's StackVision Software.


Ever wonder why you must change the calibration time in the digital events screen?


Do you track and review data for multiple plants? See how Fleetmode can allow you to pull your data together into a single SV client.


Learn about a first hand account in dealing with permit limitations.


A discussion involving projects to convert units from CEMS to Appendix E.


It is finally here. A completely redesigned and rethought Cylinder Management tool. Come get your first look at this tool that will be released in SV 6.1.


Find out how to get the most out of our charts and how to leverage the new statistical analysis tools that have been built in. Use these tools to help you better review and QA your data.


Learn about how to customize standard ESC reports or create your own.


Your success is our one thing so we want to make it easy for you to get the help you need.