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Cylinder Management

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to manage gas cylinders and expected values used in phases of calibration checks and other tests in ESC|StackVision.

Additional Information

Presented on 11/5/2018

The streamlined Cylinder Management tool replaces the CalGas management tool in StackVision 6.2 and up. This video uses the version released in StackVision 6.4. This training module walks you through the details of using this tool.

Specific gases of different concentrations are used in phased tests of monitoring equipment that directly sample emissions. Daily calibration checks, also called validations, annual or semi-annual RATAs, Linearity checks and Cylinder Gas Audits (CGAs) are a few examples where cylinders are used.

NOTE: In cases like flow monitoring there is no gas concentration or cylinder involved in the tests. 'Expected Values' for the phases in these tests are managed in Cylinder Management also.