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Welcome to our resource library. Here you can locate useful information to read online or download for later user. We include articles written by our engineers and regulatory specialists, job aids, case studies, links to view past webinars, presentation slides from our semi-annual user group meetings and other events.

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Spring 2017 User Group (All Presentations)

Slides from all presentations at the Spring 2017 User Group in Dallas, TX.


Appendix E QA Tests - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

Darrell Bayless with Hoosier Energy will discuss the "why, when, and how" of Appendix E tests, why/when you have to do them, how you do them, and how you enter them in StackVision.


Differences Between Regulations - TBS - Spring ...

Join Westar Energy's Jeremy Duis to learn why Part 60, 63, and 75 calculations and reports are different for each of the various programs.


Hg CEMS vs. Sorbent Traps - TBS - Spring 2017 U...

With both continuous and sorbent trap systems installed on ten coal fired stacks, LG&E and KU are in a unique position to compare the performance between each Mercury monitoring system.


Mock Audit - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

Join ESC's Jon Konings to discuss strategies in preparing for a regulatory audit.


All About that MATS, Bout that MATS - TBS - Spr...

A look at operating days and how they are different than Part 75 - also a look at the PM Downtime Report and the significance of 1-hour vs. 30-day intervals.


Regulatory Update - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

The latest on Parts 60, 63, and 75 rule revisions & NSPS Electronic Reporting Requirements.


Launch Push Poll in 8864 for Dashboards - TBS -...

A discussion on steps to implement push polling in the 8864 data controller and how to display real-time data on the dashboard.


ESC 101 (Workbooks) - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

Gain a basic understanding of Using the ESC DAS through our 101 Track. This a is zipped folder containing the entire day's workbooks. (Requires Login to the Website)


Harvey's Top 10 - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

A discussion of the top ten issues support agents troubleshoot and how you can avoid them.


Solve this ECMPS Error - TBS - Spring 2017 User...

A step through troubleshooting common ECMPS feedback errors.


Techniques for QAing Your Data - TBS - Spring 2...

An updated version of our Daily Dose of DAS. Consider these steps to review your emissions on a daily basis.