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Welcome to our resource library. Here you can locate useful information to read online or download for later user. We include articles written by our engineers and regulatory specialists, job aids, case studies, links to view past webinars, presentation slides from our semi-annual user group meetings and other events.


Data Controller Update - MAIN - Fall 2017 User Group

Learn more about the latest developments with ESC's 8864 Data Controller.

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Often a situation will require a manual data edit within DataLab and it can take a very long time. Take a look at how the Replace feature can speed this process.


Many systems are required to monitor fuel sample information per Part 75. StackVision can help you keep your fuel information organized through the use of Fuel Samples within the Fuel Systems t...


As emissions shrink, new challenges arise—including how electric utilities describe their monitoring process to EPA.


​CHS McPherson Refinery’s air emissions reporting was stuck in the 1990s—still relying on manual processing and complex spreadsheets.


This session will highlight the important questions to consider when faced with a limit exceedance.


SecureLink is a NERC compliant third-party solution that allows simplified, secure remote support over VPN.


This session introduces the full StackVision documentation set and the many ways customers can access it.


X-Script is built on the Condition Manager platform with some much needed upgrades and enhancements.


Come and learn about the benefits of all of the new features available in v5.02 of the ESC 8864 firmware.


A look at supported platforms, life-cycle management, hardware, and licensing for WS2012/R2 and SQL2012/2014. Introducing a new report which helps users estimate database growth.


Learn more about the latest user account features of the 8864 Data Controller. Find out how to manage and edit those user accounts.


Come learn about the Modbus TCPDump Tool that is used for Modbus Troubleshooting. This new tool provides a complete list of data moving into and out of the data logger.


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Part 75 (P75) – Lessons Learned from Jon Konings at ESC - A Starting Point for Developing In-House and Site Specific Procedures and Helpful Tools.


The 8864 is the newest version of our data controllers, and is a big step up from the 8832 in terms of processing power. Despite this, many new features of the 8864 are left unused by many conf...


Part 75 (P75) Lessons Learned from Jon Konings at ESC - Section A: A Starting Point for Developing In-House and Site Specific Procedures and Helpful Tools