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Welcome to our resource library. Here you can locate useful information to read online or download for later user. We include articles written by our engineers and regulatory specialists, job aids, case studies, links to view past webinars, presentation slides from our semi-annual user group meetings and other events.


Hg CEMS vs. Sorbent Traps - TBS - Spring 2017 User Group

With both continuous and sorbent trap systems installed on ten coal fired stacks, LG&E and KU are in a unique position to compare the performance between each Mercury monitoring system.

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The ins and outs of configuring multi-hour, daily, multi-day, monthly, year to date and other extended averages and totals.


Webinar recording for "Sorbent Traps Got You Down?" presented by Jack Flynn.


Do you find Sorbent Traps elusive and confusing? Come find out the improved logic and workflow of the Sorbent Trap tools that are a part of StackVision 5.0.


This webinar walks through the multiple troubleshooting tools offered by the data controller.


Have you ever wondered how to find out what is under the StackVision hood, but didn’t have access to StackStudio? Well, this webinar is for you.


If you are compliant with Part 75, odds are that you have run into an issue with bad data that needed to be substituted.


Many people spend hours at the end of every quarter going back through their data and manually setting up R/A codes, but it does not need to be that hard! ESC|StackVision can help...


A Missing Data Substitution Cheat Sheet.


This webinar will discuss the benefits and functionality of using the ESC|StackVision CalLab feature to review historical calibration results and supporting data.


Go in-depth into the very flexible new Counter channel type in the 8864.


View this webinar to learn how the IB MACT Rule impacts industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers and process heaters in regards to semi-annual reporting.


This webinar will address acknowledging the three types of StackVision alarms-Data, System and Application and optimizing the Active Alarm view through utilizing filters and fields.


We will discuss the EPA rules for out-of-control (OOC) checking, how they work during various startup, shutdown, and restart scenarios, and how the 8832 and 8864 data controllers handle these r...


EPA rules for out-of-control (OOC) checking are a bit complex. We will discuss the EPA rules, how they work during various startup, shutdown, and restart scenarios, and how the 8832 and 8864 da...


ESC has added new math functions that can read the amount of time remaining in calibration counters.


With the increased attention on network security, many IT departments are requiring that network devices follow corporate IT policy for user account management and password rules.