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8864 Display and Account Overview

Considering upgrading to an 8864 and wondering what can be done with the new touchscreen display or how the new user accounts function? Well, this article is for you!

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Delve into Part 60 regulations surrounding calibrations as well as tools within StackVision tailored to meet these requirements.


Walk through configuring a basic parameter in StackStudio.


Walk through configuring an extended three-hour average from an existing parameter.


Walk through how to implement a sampling of new features available in the latest 8864 firmware.


A discussion highlighting the recent 8864 security changes and how to take advantage of them.


Learn how to read the server.cfg file and understand the differences between relative and absolute mapping. We will also review maps from some common analyzers.


Discover the new OPC UA methodology that expands capability and increases security in connecting to OPC servers and historians.


Understand how the reason codes are used in reports when acknowledging alarms.


An exploration into the similarities and differences between M-type & P-type math channels.


Download the current agenda for the meeting in Dallas, May 8-9, 2017.


Access to Calibration Counters have recently been added as part of the 8864 firmware upgrade 5.02, which can be used to help keep your data from going Out-of-Control (OOC).


If your unit is a peaking unit (3-year average capacity factor of less than or equal to 10% and no one year greater than 15%), you can use the Appendix E Optional NOx Emission Estimation Protoc...


Join the ESC staff to learn about our new and exciting online private class opportunities.


This session will highlight the important questions to consider when faced with a data exceedance.


Your company may be running ProcessNow, but are you familiar with all of its capabilities?


Want to take advantage of all the new features in the latest ESC Data Controller, now? Consider a Controller Subscription adder to your DASProtect maintenance agreement.