Statistics, Huh -- What is it Good For? - MAIN - Fall 2017 User Group

Math is hard, why do we need more of it? With the mountains of CEMS data to review, certify, and submit, how can you be sure your data is true, accurate, and complete?

Statistics can help you find the data points that don’t belong. The CEMS may be producing inaccurate data but your DAHS isn’t able to alert you. Alarm diagnostic points are set at specific limits but are your alarm set points correct? Wouldn’t you like to be alerted of potential data problems before failing a calibration test?

Statistics can help you establish a baseline of known, good data against which you can compare your hourly emissions either in real-time or as you QA your EDRs. Don’t risk certifying invalid data.

Presented by Brad Davison, OG&E

These are the slides from a main session presented at the Fall ESC User Group meeting held in Austin, Texas, November 14 & 15, 2017. All ESC customers with current maintenance contracts are members of the user group, with meetings held twice a year, each Fall and Spring. Learn more about the ESC User Group.

11/10/2017 3:50:17 PM