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Industry:  Electric Power
Project Type:  StackVision DAS Implementation
Scope:  3 EGUs; 2 pulverized coal, 1 gas fired (converted from coal)
Driver:  Mercury Air Toxics Rule (MATS) for Electric Utilities
Regulation(s):  40CFR60, 40CFR75 (1 Appendix D, 2 Full CEMS) & 40CFR63 (MATS)
Parameter(s):  NOX, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, Hg, PM
Location:  Louisiana
Year:  2018

Project Description

Like so many coal-burning power plants still in operation, this one has been modified heavily in recent years to reduce emissions. A facility consent decree required that SO2 emissions be curtailed by nearly half over the span of four years. One of the boilers was converted from burning coal to natural gas. The remaining two were altered to burn pulverized coal for more complete combustion. They also switched to low-sulfur sub-bituminous Powder River Basin (PRB) coal.

The impetus for this DAS implementation project was the Mercury Air Toxics standards (MATS) for Electric Utilities overlapping these other changes. They used the in-place DAS for about a year and a half after MATS went into effect, before switching to ESC|StackVision.

Problems or Requirements

Two coal EGUs start up with natural gas
A part of the sulfur reduction effort was the introduction of natural gas burners on the two coal boilers. They are used during startup and shutdown and to stabilize heat during coal burning.
Hg and PM CEMS added to coal units
To comply with MATS, they opted to use Hg CEMS, rather than Sorbent traps and Particulate Matter (PM) CEM was also required.
Natural gas boiler now Appendix D
The third coal boiler that was converted to burn natural gas became a 40CFR75 Appendix D unit and does not have SO2 , Hg or PM CEMS.
Desired ability to import vendor gas files
The Environmental Engineer was frustrated at having to add cylinders manually. ESC provides import templates and the ability to scan-in cylinders from many vendors, using a QR code scanner. This includes PGVP certificates, and the interface recognizes and handles duplicates, also.

Solutions and Outcomes

Custom report : Compliance test results and deadlines
Client requested a custom report to pull together Part 60, 75 and 63 certification tests happening across the three units. Current RATA, Linearity and Fuel Flow test results are brought together with all test due dates. The QA Test Deadlines feature area of StackVision made this possible. It tracks and alerts on time between tests as well as any applicable grace periods.
Dashboard customizations
On one of their dashboards the client wanted 3-hour and 30-day rolling averages added for trending purposes, as well as some plant-wide averages displayed for the two coal-burning EGUs.
XML EDR import as well as export comes in handy
In order to calculate extended averages (like 365-day or 12-month rolling averages) in a fresh install of StackVision we make it easy to back-fill the Part 75 data needed. Simply import previously accepted XML EDRs as published by EPA. We imported three years in this case.

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