8864 Data Controller I/O Card Specifications

8864 Input/Output Card Specifications


Additional Information

The attached document provides technical specifications for the following I/O cards:
64VOLT-I (Model 3010) - Voltage Input Card
64CUR-I (Model 3110) - Current Input Card
64CDS-I (Model 3210) - Digital Status Input Card
64D-O (Model 3310) - Relay Output Card
64CUR-O (Model 3510) - Analog Current Output Card
64MET (Model 3610) - Meteorological Input Card
64IDS-I (Model 3710) - Isolated Status Input Card

Please contact ESC Support at 512-250-7901, support@envirosys.com, or through the ESC Community if you need further assistance. To purchase additional cards to expand or change your inputs and outputs, please contact ESC Sales, 512-250-7902.