Updating Monitoring Plan Records

Over the years, you’ve probably made many changes to the CEM systems, the pollution control equipment at your plant (added scrubbers and SCRs for example) and maybe changed fuels (coal to gas)...

Additional Information

Presented on 8/3/2016

These changes in your plant’s compliance strategies for the Acid Rain and EGU MACT Programs need to be reflected in the Monitoring Plan records found in ECMPS.

Did you know the P75 regulations requires you to review your measured emissions on a regular basis (in some cases annually) to see if you need to change the span, range, MPC or MER for your systems? Your review should touch nearly every MP record. Let Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer Jon Konings walk you through his review of the MP records and share with you his recommendations for when and why you should make changes.

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