What's Up with Semi-annual Compliance Reporting - A Summary

Recording of the webinar "What's Up with Semi-annual Compliance Reporting? A Summary! " presented by Jon Konings.

Additional Information

Presented on 1/14/2016

Provided with this webinar are the webinar slides in PDF format as well as reference material for the topics discussed by Jon Konings. The reference material includes sample copies of the information needed to prepare a MATS semi-annual compliance report for the fictitious plant mentioned in the webinar. The reference material and PDF slides are packaged in a single ZIP file available for download using the link below. The webinar package is intended to help people prepare their semi-annual compliance plans.

Please review the "Open Me First" document contained in the ZIP file - it includes a description of the other files provided in the ZIP file. Reference documents included in the ZIP file include:
  • Open Me First - Outline for Preparing a MATS Semiannual Compliance Report.docx
  • 2015 December 14 DRAFT Cover Letter January 2016 Semi-annual Compliance Report.docx
  • 2015 December 15 EGU Subpart UUUUU Compliance Report Requirements.docx
  • 2015 Frankenstein PP Background Outline Report.docx
  • 2015 Frankenstein summary calculations.xlsx
  • 2015 January 63.10 (3) Summary Report April 16 to Dec 31 2015 for Unit 1.docx
  • 2015 January 63.10020(e) Startup or Shutdown Periods.docx
  • 2015 January 63.100021e Periodic Tune Up Report April 16 to Dec 31 2015 for Unit 1.docx
  • 2015 January 63.100031 Compliance Report April 16 to Dec 31 2015 for Unit 1.docx
  • 2015 January Table 3 work practice standards.docx

PLEASE NOTE: There is no recording available for this webinar.

Download slides and reference material here.