Future of the 8832

In 2015, ESC announced that the official obsolescence date for the ESC|8832 Data Controller is January 1, 2019. If your system currently uses an 8832, you may be wondering ...

Additional Information

Presented on 4/20/2016

...how does this affect me? ... what are my options? ... how much longer will ESC support my current 8832 Data Controller? 

This webinar will answer these questions and more! We will explain the actions that will occur between now and the 8832 obsolescence date, including when ESC will stop selling new units, stop providing updates to existing 8832s, stop fixing 8832s that break, and end telephone support. 

If your system currently uses an 8832 Data Controller, ESC recommends that you attend this webinar to learn the future of the 8832 and ask any questions you might have regarding your own system.

Download the presentation slides.