MATS Data Guidance Documents

A collection of documents that you can use as a starting point for your current internal procedures and practices to support on-going MATS activities.


Additional Information

We offer this information packet as a helpful tool which can be part of a larger internal compliance strategy for developing internal procedures and mechanisms for increasing the existence of compliance. You can “cut and paste” elements from these documents into your internal procedures as a starting point for updating your current plans for MATS activities.

ESC does not provide air compliance strategy consultation and you should work with your local regulators to verify the applicability of these suggestions to your system. Individual questions on specific situations should be directed to your local permitting authority, who has delegated authority under the MATS program.

The following documents are provided in the zip file:

  1. LEE Status – What About Other Monitoring Plan Changes?
    Filename: 2015-May-27_LEE-Status-OtherMPRecordChanges.pdf
    In the reporting instructions for the “Monitoring Qualification Data” (MQA) record, EPA encourages facilities that have achieved the LEE status to report a MQA and “Monitoring Qual LEE” data records.
  2. Summary of Low Emitting EGU (Electric Generating Unit) Requirements – LEE
    Filename: 2015-June_Summary-LowEmittingEGUActivities.pdf
    This is a summary of the requirements for LEE units. It lists all the regulatory citations.
  3. Summary of Five Outlines for Managing Your Compliance Reporting Plans for MATS
    Filename: 2015-June-25_Summary-FiveOutlines-ManagingMATSCompliancePlans.pdf
    This guidance document outlines five different compliance reporting plans:
    1. Periodic Stack Testing
    2. SO2 emission rates systems as a surrogate for Acid Gases
    3. Continuous HG, HCl or HF CEM systems
    4. Continuous PM CEM Systems
    5. Hg Sorbent Trap Systems
  4. Summary of MATS Milestones and Activities
    Filename: 2015-June_Summary-MATSMilestonesActivities.pdf
    A summary of four sets of MATS milestones and associated activities, which are:
    1. Advance Notice
    2. Conducting Performance Testing or Performance Evaluations
    3. Post Testing
    4. Ongoing Activities
  5. Summary of Guidance for the Potential of Using a Back Up or a Separate Startup/Shutdown Sorbent Trap System
    Filename: 2015-May-19_EPA-Potential-ST_BkupSystems_SeparateSUSDSystems.pdf
    The summary provides a copy of a document prepared by Robert Vollaro, from EPA’s Clean Air Market Division (CAMD). It contains the notes from a conference call held on May 19, 2015, between the CAMD and several of the DAHS (Data Acquisition and Handling System) vendors. The purpose of the call was to discuss the Agency’s current thinking regarding the use of data from backup sorbent trap monitoring systems. It should only be considered as guidance, and affected sources should keep their permitting authorities informed of their interpretation and application of backup data from sorbent trap systems.

This item is a MATS Readiness Resource developed by Senior Regulatory Specialist Jon Konings