Managing Your DAS + Modbus


June 13-16, 2017


ESC Offices in Austin, TX

Gain a better understanding of how to manage the daily operations of your ESC CEMS Data Acquisition System.

This set of classes is designed to give you an understanding of how to manage the daily operations of your ESC CEMS Data Acquisition System.

We encourage you to attend all courses for a more complete understanding of all aspects and to take advantage of the saving that comes from choosing the bundle. But, please feel free to choose an individual class if it suits your particular needs. 

Please note, we are offering free training to Fortress-level maintenance customers. To take advantage of this special offer, use the discount code 'fortress' upon check-out.

CEMS New User with ESC|StackVision (CEMS SVNU) - 2 days - $1,450
This class is geared toward I&C Technicians, Plant Engineers, Environmental Coordinators and Reporting Personnel and will focus on the basic features of the ESC|StackVision software. This course is specifically paced for a new CEMS user. Participants will receive hands-on experience with the StackVision software and have ample time to cover the entire DAS and associated tasks.

ESC|StackStudio and Data Controller Workshop (SS-DC Workshop) - 1 day - $805
Participants will navigate StackStudio and learn how to use configuration editors to begin making changes to their configuration. In addition, the ESC Data Controllers will also be covered in this portion of Managing Your DAS, to include familiarization, configuration and operation of the data controller.

Managing Your DAS (CEMS SVNU + SS-DC Workshop) - $1,930 (Save $325.00)

Modbus Basics - 1 day - $805
Covers basics of Modbus communications and how data is communicated from and to the data controllers. Gain an understanding of how the Modbus devices use binary and hexadecimal "chunks" of numbers to communicate data and status to the data controller and how the data controller converts that data into understandable and usable data.

Attendees will have a test laptop so they can follow along and perform exercises throughout the course.
This event takes place at the ESC Offices in Austin, TX.


For additional information please contact ESC Marketing at 512.250.7802,