CEMS New User with ESC|StackVision


August 29-September 1, 2017



Targeted ​towards ​the ​new ​user ​or ​someone ​wanting ​some ​refresher ​training, ​this ​series ​will ​cover ​the ​basic ​features ​of ​the ​StackVision ​software.

Online Public Class

This ​online ​CEMS New User with ESC|StackVision class ​will ​be ​presented ​in ​a ​series ​of ​four 1 or ​2-hour ​classes. All classes are 10:00am-12:00pm Central time.

Participants ​only ​need ​to ​register ​once ​for ​all ​five ​sessions. ​Once the $300 ​payment ​is ​received, ​participants ​will ​be ​provided ​a ​link ​from ​GoToTraining ​to ​complete ​registration.

Note: Class ​materials ​will ​be ​distributed ​via ​PDF ​documents ​available ​for ​download. ​Recording ​links ​will ​be ​provided ​so ​participants ​may ​view ​the ​sessions ​at ​a ​later ​time, ​in ​case ​you ​miss ​a ​class ​or ​want ​to ​review.

Scheduled topics are as follows:

Online Public Class - CEMS New User + ESC|StackVision (4 days)  
All classes are 10:00am - 12:00pm central time. 


8.29.2017 (Tuesday) - CEMS Overview & CEMScape

  • Users will identify and describe a typical CEM System and CEMS components. This topic will also cover a high level of the “whys” and “hows” of the CEMS.
  • Along with a basic StackVision overview and general navigation, users will identify and customize CEMScape components to create StackVision views, as well as use CEMScape functions to explore system parameters.

8.30.2017 (Wednesday) - DataLab and DataLab Viewer & CalLab and CalGas Management

  • Users will explore DataLab and DataLab Viewer components and functionality in order to retrieve and review parameter data.
  • Users will learn the role of CalLab in managing calibration data, as well as discover features of the StackVision Cal Gas Management tool.

8.31.2017 (Thursday) - System Applications & System Monitoring and Reporting

  • Users will become familiar with the Linearity, RATA, Stack Flow, and Fuel System tools available within StackVision to enter certification data.
  • Users will learn to acknowledge alarms successfully and ensure that StackVision is communicating with the data controller, as well as explore common reporting tools.

9.1.2017 (Friday) - Consoles & ProcessNow

  • Users will build, save and recall a custom console.
  • Users will identify the role of ProcessNow in data processing.

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