Data Review Using ESC|StackVision (Online)


March 5-8, 2019



During this series workshop, participants will learn how to use ESC|StackVision to identify, troubleshoot and resolve data anomalies in order to maintain the integrity and validity of CEMS data, using DataLab, CalLab and reporting tools available in StackVision, participants will streamline their compliance activities.

Online Public Class

This ​online ​Data Review Using ESC|StackVision class ​will ​be ​presented ​in ​a ​series ​of ​four 1- or ​2-hour ​classes. All classes are 10:00am-12:00pm Central time.

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As always, free public training is available for Fortress-level maintenance customers.
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Participants only need to register once for all sessions during the week. The GoToTraining registration will be emailed to you. The confirmation emails will have links to your sessions and the correct time for your time zone. Please use them to place reminders in your schedule.

Prerequisite ​Knowledge: ​Basic ​computer ​skills, ​strong ​working ​knowledge ​of ​CEMS ​requirements ​applicable ​to ​the ​compliance ​data ​and ​reporting ​of ​CEMS ​data. ​ ​ ​ ​
Recommended ​Participants: ​ ​Those ​responsible ​for ​reviewing, ​maintaining ​and ​reporting ​CEMS ​compliance ​Data.

Note: Class ​materials ​will ​be ​distributed ​via ​PDF ​documents ​available ​for ​download. ​Recording ​links ​will ​be ​provided ​so ​participants ​may ​view ​the ​sessions ​at ​a ​later ​time, ​in ​case ​you ​miss ​a ​class ​or ​want ​to ​review.

Scheduled topics are as follows:

Online Public Class - Data Review with ESC|StackVision (4 days)  
All classes are 10:00am - 12:00pm Central time. 


Day 1 - Daily Report Review & Using DataLab to Troubleshoot

  • Part 75 Review – Monitor calibrations, exception events, average data, MDSUB, operating data, and ProcessNow
  • Part 60 Review – Monitor downtime/excess emissions events, rolling/block averages, and geometric averages
  • Explore DataLab and DataLab Viewer components and functionality in order to retrieve and review parameter data
  • Troubleshoot Exercises – Editing parameters, applying BAF, failed QA test procedures, editing reason/action codes

Day 2 - Navigating and Understanding CalLab & Understanding ProcessNow

  • Learn the role of CalLab in managing calibration data, as well as discover features of the StackVision Cal Gas Management tool
  • Understand the requirements of the Calibration Error Test
  • Discuss data validity and failed test
  • Add a 7-day Calibration Drift Test and a Cycle Time Test
  • Explain ProcessNow Logic
  • Define procedures for reviewing plant operational data
  • Discuss ProcessNow Sequences and Tasks
  • Troubleshoot ProcessNow errors

Day 3 - System Applications

  • Review Linearity, CGA record entry procedures.
  • Examine RATA record entry procedures
  • Review Stack Flow Monitoring entry procedures
  • Discuss usage of the Appendix D – Fuel Analysis Tool
  • Review test extensions and exemption procedures

Day 4 - Certification Events & Periodic Reports

  • Comprehend the importance of filing a certification event
  • Ascertain when a certification event is required and review specific events
  • Employ StackVision to file an event record
  • Alarm History & Comprehensive Alarm History
  • Cumulative Emissions
  • Emissions & Performance Summary
  • Opacity Performance Summary
  • Performance Summary
  • Peaking Unit Qualification
  • Operating Load Analysis
  • Analyzer Range Evaluation

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