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Basic Air Regulations - Online


June 24-28, 2019



A full week of training sessions geared towards a basic understanding of Part 75 & Part 60 Regulations.

Online Public Class - Basic Air Regulations - (5 days)

This class is designed to give you a better understanding of Basic Air Regulations. During the class, participants will become familiar with terms and acronyms as well as finding various sections in the rules. They will also delve into the reasoning behind testing requirements and associated performance specifications. This fundamental class is geared toward Reporting Personnel, Plant Managers and Corporate Environmental Staff.

Price is $375. As always, public training is available at no additional cost for Fortress-level maintenance customers.


Day 1 - Introduction and Monitoring Requirements Part 1

  • Understand the major events that shaped today's regulations
  • Determine the difference between Laws and Regulations
  • Understand the requirements for monitoring under the ARP 
  • Determine the equipment and components needed to monitor effectively


Day 2 - Monitoring Requirements Part 2 and Certification Fundamentals

  • Determine the equipment and components needed to monitor effectively
  • Calculate emissions using the equations provided in Part 75
  • Decipher the difference between initial certification vs. recertification
  • Review the two components of a monitoring plan
    • Hardcopy portion
    • Electronic portion


Day 3 - Monitoring Fundamentals Part 1

  • Define and calculate both span and range
  • Understand data validity and how to plan for maintenance
  • Apply Missing Data Substitution (MDSUB) procedures to missing hours


Day 4 - Monitoring Fundamentals Part 2

  • Define Span and Range
  • Missing Data Substitution
  • Full Scale Exceedances


Day 5 - QA/QC Record Keeping and Reporting and 40CFR60 Subparts

  • QA/QC Testing
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements
  • 40CFR60 Subpart A- General Provisions
  • 40CFR60 Subpart D, Da, and Db

Participants only need to register once for all sessions during the week. The GoToTraining registration will be emailed to you. The confirmation emails will have links to your sessions and the correct time for your time zone. Please use them to place reminders in your schedule.

For additional information please contact ESC Marketing at 512.250.7802,

To begin the registration process, you must log in with your ESC Customer Community account. If you don't yet have a user name and password, you can request one here. Please do not use Internet Explorer to register. You may use any modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

**Registration will close once the class begins**

Note: Class ​materials ​will ​be ​distributed ​via ​PDF ​documents ​available ​for ​download. ​Recording ​links ​will ​be ​provided ​so ​participants ​may ​view ​the ​sessions ​at ​a ​later ​time, ​in ​case ​you ​miss ​a ​class ​or ​want ​to ​review.