Managing your DAS plus Modbus 101 & Modbus 201


August 12-16, 2019


Austin, Texas

Gain a better understanding of how to manage the daily operations of your ESC CEMS Data Acquisition System.

Due to scheduling conflicts, these classes have been cancelled.

This set of classes is designed to give you an understanding of how to manage the daily operations of your ESC CEMS Data Acquisition System. We encourage you to attend all courses for a more complete understanding of all aspects and to take advantage of the saving that comes from choosing the bundle. But, please feel free to choose an individual class if it suits your particular needs. 

As always, public training is available for Fortress-level maintenance customers at no additional cost.

Scheduled topics are as follows: 
Day 1 & Day 2 - CEMS New User with ESC|StackVision
Day 3 - Data Controller Essentials and Using StackStudio
Day 4 - Modbus 101
Day 5 (1/2 day) - Modbus 201 - Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting Workshop


CEMS New User with ESC|StackVision - 2 days - $1,450

This class is designed for all personnel new to CEMS and the ESC DAS: I&C Technicians, Plant Engineers, Environmental Coordinators and Reporting Personnel and will focus on the basic features of the ESC|StackVision software. Participants will receive hands-on experience with the StackVision software and have ample time to cover the entire DAS and associated tasks.


Data Controller Essentials and Using StackStudio - 1 day - $805

Covers the basics operation and overview of the 8864 Data Controller. The StackStudio portion covers and overview of the configuration tool with emphasis on the Data Definition and Control and actives to create new sources, data controllers, parameters, channels, cal sequences and ProcessNow sequences.


Modbus 101 - 1 day - $1,025

This workshop is designed to help students develop a solid understanding of how to configure and troubleshoot most aspects of Modbus as it relates to ESC Data Controllers and the devices with which they communicate. Gain an understanding of how Modbus devices use binary and hexadecimal "chunks" of numbers to communicate data and status to the data controller and how the data controller converts that into understandable data as well as communicating values and statuses to other Modbus devices or systems.

Prerequisites: None. Beginners will learn all the concepts and basic steps required to configure and troubleshoot Modbus on their systems, while more advanced Modbus users will be challenged to understand and apply Modbus in a deeper way. This workshop is a winner for every student, experienced or inexperienced.


Modbus 201 - 1/2 day - $550

Ready to take your Modbus skills to the next level? Join the all-new Modbus 201 – Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting Workshop. Though not for the faint-of-heart, participants will leave the class with an understanding of advanced Modbus features including Parallel Modbus and Double-wide (no we’re not talking the trailer kind). During this fully hands-on workshop, each student will also be challenged to work through several troubleshooting scenarios designed to sharpen skills and provide a template for successful troubleshooting of Modbus scenarios.

Prerequisites: Modbus Concepts / Modbus 101 or other full-day Modbus class from ESC is required, this base knowledge will be assumed.


Located in Austin, Texas. All classes are 9:00am - 5:00pm Central time.

Breakfast is provided at 8am. Lunch and snacks will also be provided throughout the day.

For additional information please contact ESC Marketing at 512.250.7802,