ESC|StackVision 6.4 General Release Now Available

This release includes updates in the new StackVision client in Cylinder Management, Dashboards, EventLab, LogBook, and Options. Other updates include Alarms, Certification Information, Configuration Compare, Console Viewer, ECMPS Updates, Linearity/CGA, ProcessNow, Reports, StackStudio, Task Scheduler, and User Accounts (Users and Roles).

Published Sep 19, 2018

Fall 2018 User Group - Agenda Is Available

The agenda for the ESC Fall 2018 User Group Meeting is now available for download. Check out the new class offerings!

Published Sep 17, 2018

Our Newest Client: Pennakem

Pennakem provides full-service manufacturing, pilot facilities and R&D focusing on renewable chemistry.

Published Sep 11, 2018

Our Newest Client: Entergy, Lake Charles Power Station

Entergy Louisiana will be adding a new natural gas-fired power plant as part of their Lake Charles project and has selected ESC to provide the CEMS DAS.

Published Sep 07, 2018

New Article: StackVision 6.3 New Features

Learn more about new feature implementations in StackVision 6.3.

Published Sep 06, 2018

ESC|8864 Data Controller Validation Types

There are currently five different validation types in the 8864 data controller. These multiple methods of validation for data are a necessity to accommodate the variety of existing regulations. A table summarizing these validation types is provided below.

Published Aug 23, 2018

ESC|StackVision 6.4 BETA Release Now Available

StackVision BETA Version 6.4 (build 6.4.12) is now available for download. This BETA release includes new features as well as enhancements and updates for existing features.

Published Aug 21, 2018
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