Have you ever seen a parameter, and wondered what it is and why it is in your system? CEMScape will tell you the channel type if it is a logger channel, the configured units of measure, and the configured parameter description.

In addition, CEMScape will show lines connecting the chosen parameter with all others that use that parameter in an equation. This allows you to see all of the elements that make up a particular parameter.

Parameters in CEMScape

Most systems will have a multitude of different parameters, and the intersecting lines can become confusing. Right clicking on a parameter in CEMScape and choosing 'View in New Window' allows you to open a separate window showing only the selected parameter and its relations.

When viewing a parameter, you can see the channel type, units of measure, and description in the general tab, while the equation can be viewed in the summary tab if it is a math channel. The parameter map generated by CEMScape can be exported to an image, or saved as a view to pull up quickly in the future.

Let CEMScape be your guide in troubleshooting and understanding your StackVision configuration.

Learn More... Review the StackVision Quick Reference: CEMScape document.


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Clint Anderson, Systems Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 8/24/2016 2:53:35 PM

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