Calibration Trending Report

Many StackVision users will look at a daily Calibration Detail report to see if their calibrations passed, failed, or hit the maintenance limit. However, sometimes it is a good idea to see a trend of your calibration data over a period to estimate when an analyzer needs to be calibrated. When looking over a larger period of time like an entire quarter, the Calibration Trending Report can also be used to visually determine when calibration bottles were swapped out.



Alarm System Design Report

Just as with the Data Controller Design Report, the Alarm System Design Report is a way to review each of your configured alarms within a single report in StackVision. Located under System Design in the Reports tab of StackVision, the report starts with a comprehensive list of all configured Alarm Exceptions within the system and is followed by an overview of each of your configured Digital Line Alarms and Polling Alarms. Note that alarms set by Condition Manager scripts are not shown in this report.


User Role Access

The User Role Access report is useful for identifying how many users are currently set up within StackVision and what features of StackVision each user has access to. The report will show which of the users are set up as administrators, the users’ assigned roles, and the permissions assigned to each role set up in the system.



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Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 2/28/2017 4:08:19 PM

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