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Many users are familiar with the Average Data Report and Calibration Detail report, but there is a multitude of different reports to help you understand your system and your data. The following are a few reports useful to every system.

Input Line History Report

This report will show a log of digital line changes over a given time. Troubleshooting problems with your system is made significantly easier through the use of this report, as it shows the exact second that a digital line was triggered. Trying to figure out what triggered a specific alarm? Take a look at the Input Line History Report at the exact moment the alarm triggered to get an idea of what happened. Did a calibration start outside of its normally scheduled time? Check the report to see if it was started manually or if logic within the controller initiated the cal.




Data Controller Design Report

StackStudio is the tool used to make configuration changes, but is not the only place to review existing configuration. By using the Data Controller Design Report, you are able to look through the entire logger configuration from digital line labels to calibrations. This report is a great way to get a good overview of how your logger is set up and to compare the configurations of multiple loggers. Note that the configuration elements represented in this report are pulled directly from StackStudio, so if changes have been made directly in the logger they will not be represented in this report.



Exception Events Report

The Exception Events Report is similar to an Exceedance Events or Downtime Events Report, except that it shows the duration that various data masks have been applied on a parameter. The report is able to show periods marked Missing, Exceedance, Out of Control, Invalid, Suspect, Startup, or Shutdown including the start and end time, duration, and max value during the period. If your system is configured to apply the Startup mask on a parameter, this report can be used to show durations of startups. Similarly, the report could be used to show the amount of time a parameter was Out of Control for a quarter.


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Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 2/17/2017 12:11:28 PM

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