I Can Store Data For HOW Long!?

While the 8832 only has 6MB of memory, the 8864 has 2048MB of memory. The days of having to purge one-minute data every three hours is over! Now you can store 1m data for 60 days, 15m data for 365 days, and 1h data for 365 days for all 999 channels and still not use half of the available storage. This means that you can lose communications between the StackVision server and 8864 for sixty days before having to worry about any lost minute data.


Modbus Optimized

The 8864 has been greatly improved in terms of Modbus with the following features:
In the 8832, each channel had to be specified as a floating point or integer channel. With the 8864 Modbus tables, any channel can be read as either an integer or floating point. 
Due to memory limitations, we are only able to read from the base average of a channel in the 8832. Most commonly, the base interval is set to one minute, limiting the real-time capabilities of Modbus. However, the 8864 is able to read from any interval, including the instantaneous value, without any issues.

The 8864 is able to both read and write data validation flags on a channel, enhancing the transfer of data between two data controllers.


Count to Your Heart's Content

One of many new features added to the 8864 was the ability to configure counters. Previously, counters were possible to configure but were often difficult to edit. The 8864 has the ability to configure a specific counter channel that will count based upon an input expression specified by the user. This counter channel can be reset on a particular condition or reset once it reaches a minimum or maximum level.

In the next firmware release, the 8864 will be able to implement calibration counters. These special counters will count the amount of time since your last daily calibration or even show how much longer you have until your data goes out of control due to an expired calibration! This way the logger can be triggered to set an alarm or kick off a calibration just before the data goes out of control.

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Clint Anderson, Systems Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 11/2/2016 5:08:21 PM

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