The Parallel Modbus Feature

One of the many improvements added with 8864 firmware 5.02 is the parallel Modbus feature, which is used to prevent data loss due to a lack of Modbus communication.

Prior firmware versions performed Modbus functions sequentially between all commands in the server.cfg file. This meant that if one Modbus analyzer lost communication or was turned off, it would cause data loss for all other Modbus instruments communicating to the same logger.


With firmware 5.02, Modbus can be set up to run in parallel so a disruption for one analyzer does not cause an issue with any others.


Your current Modbus files should start with a line stating ‘[8864 Client 0 Commands]’. Parallel Modbus can be implemented by adding a section for ‘[8864 Client 1 Commands]’ and configuring the second analyzer in that section. Any problems with commands issued in the [8864 Client 0 Commands] section will not affect the [8864 Client 1 Commands]. Each server.cfg file can have up to 10 (client 0 through 9) parallel Modbus sections.

Learn more about new and updated features of the 8864 Firmware 5.02.r23 here.
Note that the 5.02 Firmware is currently in limited release. Please contact support using the information below for more information.

For more information about parallel Modbus or the Firmware 5.02 release, contact the ESC Support team.
 512-250-7901  •

If you would like parallel Modbus configured at your system, contact the ESC Sales team.
512-250-7902  •


Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 5/23/2017 12:59:11 PM

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