Tracking Operation Time

All systems track unit operating time, but TOLs can be used to track many types of events. You can use a time online logger channel to track the time a unit is in startup or shutdown, the amount of maintenance time, or even the amount of time a parameter is in exceedance. A server channel can be set up to see how many minutes a unit was shutdown for the past week, month, year, or so on. TOLs can be customized with complex logic to match your needs.

As a Configuration Logic Tool

TOLs can also set an output when active, so they can be used in logic strings to accomplish more complicated tasks. This function of multi-conditional time online channels gives you three separate logic scenarios to work with, plus even more if the TOLs are chained together.

Manipulating Extended Averages and Totals

All server channels reference an associated TOL when building the extended average or total, and will exclude all offline data. This allows you to use TOLs to build your extended averages the correct way. Is your 30-day average allowed to exclude startup and shutdown data? Set up a TOL to show offline during startup and shutdown, and that data will be excluded!

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Clint Anderson, Systems Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 7/27/2016 2:53:35 PM

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