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StackVision Charts

StackVision 5.1 introduced a new charts tool to allow users to generate various data charts more effectively than the old Datalab charting capabilities. The tool can be accessed under the ‘Tools’ drop down menu in StackVision, which will promptly open a new window.

This new chart tool allows you to create either a scatter or a line chart. The line chart is most like the existing Datalab charts in that is allows you to select up to eight different parameters to plot against a time axis. In software version 5.2 and later, you are given the option to exclude invalid and missing data from the chart.

The Scatter Chart

The scatter chart option allows you to customize the axes of the graph, allowing you to see trends based upon load, stack flow, or any other configured parameter within the system. This is a completely new feature unique to the new tool as the old Datalab graphs only allows you to plot a parameter against a time axis.

Once either a line or scatter chart has been generated, you can zoom in and out to view more specific data points, or drag and drop a box around a few data points to zoom. In addition, you can right click on the generated chart to save it as a JPEG or PDF, or to send it directly to a printer if one is hooked up. Note that the current zoom level will be taken into consideration when saving or printing.

This new tool is one of many useful features of StackVision that can help you keep track of your data in a visual format.

Sign up for the webinar on February 10th to learn more about StackVision 5.2 Charts.

Review the latest StackVision 5.2 documentation here (must be logged in).

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Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 2/1/2017 9:42:11 AM

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