The New LogBook

StackVision 6.0 introduces a new client with multiple new and updated features from the previous iteration of the StackVision client.

One of these updated features is the improved LogBook, which replaces the existing LogBook. After opening StackVision, you should notice a drop-down menu for the New Client with an option for LogBook in the list (see image below). Alternatively, opening the LogBook from the tools menu will also open the New Client.


Auto-created Entries:
StackVision will now automatically add a LogBook entry for:

  • StackStudio configuration changes – When saving StackStudio configuration changes to the server, information added in the Comments dialog box is also used in the LogBook entry for a StackStudio configuration change. The date/time stamp of the LogBook entry is based on the server’s time.
  • Acknowledged Data and System alarms – When the StackStudio option “Send Acknowledge To LogBook?” is enabled for a Data or System alarm (System Settings > Alarm Messages), StackVision automatically adds an entry in LogBook when the alarm is acknowledged.

Search Entries:
A search field is available for searching LogBook entries by Title, User name, Edited by User, Entry Type, Component, Source, and the contents in an entry note. Future LogBook enhancements will include filtering capabilities.

Entry Type Templates:
Editing a LogBook entry type template requires StackVision administrator rights. The “Edit Templates” feature allows you to edit the template for any entry type, such as the Maintenance or QA/QC entry types. Entry type templates can be edited by adding or removing one or more custom note fields used for record keeping.

Please see the StackVision 6.0 release notes for additional information about the new LogBook feature.
Note that access to this link requires login to your ESC Customer Community Account. If you don't yet have a user name and password, you can request one here


For more information about LogBook or the StackVision 6.0 release, contact the ESC Support team.
 512-250-7901  •


Clint Anderson, Lead Project Engineer I, ESC    Published: 10/17/2017 12:32:18 PM

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