A New Client Feature - FleetMode

FleetMode is a feature that was introduced in StackVision 5.4 and allows a single client to work with data across multiple StackVision servers. This lets users analyze fleet-wide data in the new StackVision tools such as Dashboards, Charts, QA Test Deadlines, as well as Datalab.  

Once opening the New Client in StackVision, you should see the Server tab (image below) which will allow you to view FleetMode details for each of the servers connected to your client.


Should the server in question meet the requirements for FleetMode, Fleet Enabled will display ‘Yes’ and all the FleetMode functionality will be available. There is also a button available that allows you to disable FleetMode for the currently selected primary server (see below).




Note that a new license key is required to use FleetMode and is included if you have an active FleetVision or Fortress maintenance contract. Sentry customers can access FleetMode for a subscription fee. All servers which use FleetMode must operate at the same software version (Version 5.4 or later), and all servers must have matching login credentials.

For more information about FleetMode and other new client features, see the StackVision Online help section ‘New StackVision Client’ (requires login).

Please contact the ESC Support team if you are interested in using Fleet Mode for your updated license key.
 512-250-7901  •  support@envirosys.com


Clint Anderson, Lead Project Engineer I, ESC    Published: 11/29/2017 11:10:05 AM

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