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SpectraPak-E Obsolescence Notice

Spectrum Systems has set a date of January 1, 2024 as the formal obsolescence date for the Spectrum SpectraPak-E. The SpectraPak-E was first released in 2002 and by the obsolescence date it will have been in service for 20+ years. Since certain components are now unavailable, the last new SpectraPak-E’s were built in 2018 and Spectrum Systems no longer manufactures new units.


What Does This Mean?

As of December 31, 2018, the SpectraPak-E is no longer in production and Spectrum Systems is not able to sell new units. On January 1, 2024, the SpectraPak-E will become officially obsolete. At that time, Spectrum Systems will no longer guarantee compatibility with the Prism software product or our ability to provide hardware repair support for any existing units in the field.


Repair of Existing Units

Spectrum Systems will continue with repairs on existing SpectraPak-Es where possible until the obsolescence date. However, since some parts are now discontinued repairs may not be possible.


What Action Do You Need to Take?

If your system currently uses a SpectraPak-E, we recommend you plan to replace them before the obsolescence date with an 8864 Data Controller. The 8864 Data Controller is a direct replacement for the SpectraPak-E with greatly enhanced storage capacity and other features such as a front panel display.


Where Can You Find More Information?

Spectrum Systems will be hosting free webinars to discuss the obsolescence of the SpectraPak-E and answer any questions you may have. The webinars explain, in more detail, the steps which will occur between now and the SpectraPak-E obsolescence date and how they affect you. The webinars are free and will be scheduled throughout 2020. Look for an email announcing the dates.

Download this notice in .pdf form.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Rachel Morgan, VP Spectrum Systems at 850-944-3392 x1713.
Contact the ESC | Spectrum Systems sales team to inquire about purchasing an 8864 data controller.
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