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Did you know there’s a better way to work with R/A codes? The answer is a definite YES. And the solution is StackVision.

How Can We Save You Time?

That's a good question! Reason codes and action codes can be automatically applied onto data through the use of Polling Alarms or Condition Manager.

Polling Alarms
Polling alarms are set up to trigger based off of a flag within the data controller. Most commonly these are used to set a StackVision alarm for operators, but reason codes can also be applied by a polling alarm.

Condition Manager
A Condition Manager Script can be set up to run in ProcessNow and apply reason codes to the data. While polling alarms only apply reason codes to data as it is polled into StackVision, Condition Manager can be run over historical data and apply reason codes for an entire quarter.

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Clint Anderson, Systems Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 6/29/2016 2:53:35 PM

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