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What is the Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP)?

Overview of the Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP)

The Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP) was established in March of 2011 and is designed to ensure the accuracy of calibration gases. Did you know that emission sources that follow the Part 75 emissions monitoring and reporting requirements must procure Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocol gases from a production site that is listed as a PGVP participant on the date that the gases are procured, or from a vendor who sells unaltered EPA protocol gases from PGVP-approved production site? Refer to 40 CFR 75.21(g)(6) and (7) for more details about the requirements.

These gases and the associated quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) checks help ensure the quality of the emission data that EPA uses to assess compliance with emission reductions requirements under the Clean Air Act.

What Does the PGVP Do?

The PGVP has four main objectives:
  1. to ensure that EPA protocol gases meet the accuracy requirements of 40 CFR Part 75;
  2. to assist calibration gas consumers in their purchasing decisions;
  3. to provide an incentive for gas vendors that perform well in the audits to continue to use good practices;
  4. and to encourage gas vendors that perform poorly in the audits to make improvements.
The Clean Air Market Division (CAMD) has a website which explains these requirements and provides a list of the 2021 PGVP participants and vendor IDs. The 2021 list of approved vendors has twenty six (26) production sites. 

How Does PGVP Affect My Site?

The EPA performs a blind audit of the gas vendors and is unlikely to notify you if your specific vendor is no longer approved. Often, calibration gas from unapproved (or no longer approved) vendors goes unnoticed and results in invalid data during QA/AC checks.

ESC Spectrum encourages sites to review the list of approved production sites early in each year and make sure your gas supplier is on the approved list. The Emissions Collection and Monitoring System (ECMPS) has an internal feature that allows sites to verify that they are using cylinders produced from an approved vendor site.

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