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What is the Air Emissions Testing Body (AETB)?

Overview of the Air Emissions Testing Body and Certifications

In 2012, the EPA mandated emission sources conducting relative accuracy test audits (RATAs) or stack tests under  Part 75, Appendix E or § 75.19, must use an Air Emission Testing Body (AETB) that meets competency standards. The standards include experience and knowledge of test methods for individuals conducting the tests.

With the stack testing and RATA season rapidly approaching, ESC Spectrum wants to remind you that your facility must use stack testers certified according to the AETB requirements. 

How do I know if my Stack Tester is Certified?

Remember to include the requirement and proof of certification in the Request for Proposal (RFP) bid package you sent to prospective bidders to perform testing work. It is critical to identify and address these requirements upfront. 

This is not a new requirement and has been present for almost ten years. But with the turnover of CEM and Supply Chain people, these issues cannot be overlooked without unpleasant consequences.

How Will This Affect My Operations?

You do not want to find out after the testing is completed that the stack testers are not qualified. When the testers come on site they need to provide you information to verify the qualifications of the “Qualified Individual” who is on-site to supervise the stack testing team. This information will need to be entered into Prism and StackVision and linked electronically to the RATA records so they can be submitted together. Failure to include this information will trigger a critical error when the quality assurance files are evaluated.

Use this link to find more information from the EPA on this topic.

Please contact Jon Konings if you have any questions.

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