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One Page Tip #7
The New Year is Coming and Let's Get Ready

You are approaching the dead of winter and the upcoming holidays are interfering with your attempts to get everything done on time. There are frequently lots of end of year activities and reports which are staring you in the face and many times the people who you need help from are not at work, due to the holidays.

Maybe the best thing you can do is to get up-to-date with as many of your activities for your job. This includes maintenance work, preventive maintenance activities, and getting caught up on your data reviewing and processing obligations. Review the status of your gas cylinders. Remember the gas vendors will probably be shut down for the holidays so make sure you have plenty of gas cylinders on site.

How about looking at what stack testing for the permit is required for the upcoming year? Do you have a current copy of the testing procedures for submission to the state or local agency? If not, get in contact with the stack testers and have them prepare the testing procedures.

Get in contact with the operating people and begin talking about when can the testing be scheduled for in the new year. What is the outage schedule for each of the units for the upcoming year? Do you still have an open contract or purchase order with your stack testers, or do you need to get bids?

What about that notification letter, which is supposed to be signed by the Designated Representative for Part 75 purposes, but needs the signature of the Responsible Official for permit testing?

Once per year you should be prepared to review the highest hourly values for SO2, NOX, CO2 and flow rate values recorded over the past year to see if any adjustment to the MPC , MEC, span or range setting might be necessary. A quick check now would give you an idea if a different blend of calibration and linearity gas cylinders might be needed, after a full evaluation is performed, early in the new year.

For questions, suggestions, or for a general chat, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Download the PDF document here.

Jon Konings, Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer, ESC

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