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One Page Tip #3

Use Procedures, Checklists, & Other Aids

Having and using in-house procedures, checklists, QAQC plans, and other organizational type aids help you form a safe harbor which leads to consistency and higher performance, while also engaging in performing infrequent but repetitive tasks and activities.

Here is a sample list of activities and their frequencies to include in your procedures, checklists, and other job aids:

  • Daily and weekly checks
  • Quarterly linearities
  • Routine maintenance
  • Non-routine maintenance
  • Ordering gas cylinders when needed
  • Compliance Reports:
    • Quarterly acid rain files, plus review documents and submission records
    • Quarterly air permit excess emissions, downtime and performance summary reports for each of your reporting system for state or local air quality agencies
    • Semi-annual monitoring status reports for your operating permit
    • Annual compliance reports for your operating permit
  • For the company or business unit:
    • Emission Inventory Reports
    • Unit/Turbine/Generator Performance Reports
    • Fuel Consumption Reports
    • Generation Reports
    • Multiple Unit Operating Reports

Having a set of previously developed procedures and other support documents will help manage the burden created by these obligations. For questions, suggestions, or for a general chat, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Download the PDF document here.

Jon Konings, Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer, ESC

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