New Features of the 8864 Firmware 5.02.r23 (Coming Soon)

Calibration Counters
This firmware release has greatly expanded the functionality of counters within the configuration by adding the ability for math channels to read the internal calibration counters. This allows a channel to show the amount of time before a parameter goes Out-of-Control (OOC), how far you are into your eight-hour grace period, and the amount of time since a calibration was last run. These can be used for other logic purposes like starting a calibration or triggering an alarm prior to any data going OOC.

Parallel Modbus
Previously, any Modbus communication where the logger was the master was done sequentially. As a result, any sort of communications disruption with one instrument can cause issues with all other Modbus instruments. With the new parallel Modbus feature, each instrument can be run parallel to each other so that a communications disruption on one instrument does not cause issues with any other instruments.

Modbus Trace
The Modbus Trace feature is new to this firmware release and allows users to see all commands being sent to and from the 8864. This trace can be run in real time, or run over a period and saved to a file that can be retrieved over secure FTP. The process of Modbus troubleshooting is greatly simplified when each command can be verified regardless of which instrument is the Modbus master.

Multiple security enhancements were implemented as part of the firmware upgrade including:
• The addition of user accounts within the logger so each user can have their own login.
• Secure, encrypted communications between the 8864 and StackVision.
• The ability for the 8864 to StackVision communications to be established entirely “out-bound” instead of “in-bound” through a firewall.
• The ability to optionally close all in-bound Ethernet ports on the 8864 to improve network security.
• The replacement of unsecure, unencrypted FTP with secure, encrypted FTP.

More Space and Speed
In addition to the new features, the maximum amount of calibrations, event programs, and affected channels used in a calibration have been increased to remove any space limitations. The configuration download speed has also been upgraded, and newly acquired data is now pushed to the StackVision web service as soon as it is acquired.


These are just some of the new features included in firmware 5.02.r20 for the 8864, please see the release notes for the full list of new features and bug fixes included in the release.


For questions regarding any of these new features, contact the ESC support team.
 512-250-7901  •

To inquire about purchasing an 8864, contact the ESC sales team.
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Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 4/10/2017 3:12:08 PM

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