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The MATS Final Rule

Earlier today, ESC sent out an email notice attempting to provide an update to the status of the MATS rule. The screenshot included was from last week, and was prior to the re-signing by the current EPA Administrator (E. Scott Pruitt) of the final rule, which occurred this past Wednesday. ESC is awaiting the publishing of the final rule in the Federal Register. Hopefully it will occur quickly. ESC apologizes for the confusion. As you can see from the current webpage (captured on March 31st), the final rule is working its’ way through the various steps for publishing.

You can view the current webpage here.

We will continue to track and follow this important air quality regulation and will also issue a follow up notice when the regulation appears in the Federal Register.

ESC again apologizes for any confusion and any questions you might have should be directed to Jon Konings at 512.250.7519.

Jon Konings, Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer ll, ESC    Published: 3/29/2017 11:15:56 AM

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