Manipulating DataLab Fields

  • Selecting a field under the  drop down menu will pull up the field for ALL selected parameters. Use the  drop down menu to pull up fields for individual parameters and avoid unnecessary clutter in your DataLab view.
  • Flags vs. Masks: Logger flags signify what the data looked like when it was polled into StackVision, but are not used to determine validity or how the data is reported in the EDR. Data masks such as ‘Invalid’, ‘OOC’, and ‘Startup’ (just to name a few) are most important. 
  • Running Mathpack over a parameter will remove its data controller flags in DataLab.

Mastering Filters and Summaries

  • Summaries can be applied to the bottom of the DataLab window by selecting the Sigma button  next to the parameter name at the top of the screen. Clicking the Sigma button on the “Value” column  will allow you to pull up individual summaries for just that parameter.
  • There is a funnel symbol next to the parameter name on each column, which allows you to specify certain filters for each field. There are some preset filters, but you can also choose “Custom” to define your own filter.

Choosing the Correct Date and Interval

  • While the date range can be manually entered, you can simplify things by hitting the ellipses button  next to the starting date/time. This button allows you to choose some preset date ranges like the previous date, current quarter, or year-to-date.
  • The interval can be chosen beneath the date range. If the interval you are looking for is not present, it may need to be enabled in StackStudio under System Settings  Time Intervals.
  • To quickly change the interval, you can highlight a set of rows, right click, and choose “Launch DataLab with Different Interval” at the bottom.  
For more detailed information and screenshots, please view the DataLab section of the User Guide here (Note: must first sign in, then select 'DataLab' on the left-hand side of the menu).

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Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 9/21/2016 12:04:17 PM

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