Common ProcessNow Tasks

A large majority of systems use ProcessNow to perform backend calculations on the server. ProcessNow will often run once at the top of each hour and once right around midnight every night. However, looking at the ProcessNow sequences can be perplexing when you do not know the capabilities of each function. The following is a list of the more common ProcessNow tasks:

• This process is the most common way of performing calculations within the server and will use the equation configured within StackStudio to provide a value within the server.
• Available Arguments:
  • -M = Does not calculate data- only propagates out-of-control, invalid, missing, suspect, state invalid, overrange, and constituent capped data masks to target parameters based on the combined information of constituent parameters
  • -L = Calculates both data controller math parameters and central MATHPACK parameters
  • -I =  Disallows the overwriting of system, component, formula identification codes, and method codes
  • -O = Turns off the recursion or “cascade” feature whereby, if a constituent parameter changes, all other affected parameters are recalculated. Calculates only the given site/parameters
  • -c = Parameter is a constituent. MATHPACK will not calculate the parameter but will calculate parameters for which it is a constituent, even if the parameter is normally computed by the logger
  • Note that having no -O or -c argument will calculate the specified parameter AND all its constituents

• The rolling average utilities will calculate any extended averages and totals configured within Server Channels of StackStudio.
• Available Arguments:
  • -a = <average interval> = average interval in days; a value of 00 for the argument specifies all intervals should be derived
  • -r = generates real-time alarms for exceedances
  • -l = alarm on invalid data (must use -r to enable this alarm)
  • -M = missing data substituted values are considered valid
  • -f <report file> = indicates that data information be written to the given report file (file destination defaults to the report directory)
  • -o = does not calculate 1-day values for requested parameter

• The accumulation task will calculate the accumulated monthly, quarterly, and yearly values as configured within the Parameters section of StackStudio. This is required to correctly report P75 Summary Data Records in the EDR.
• Available Arguments:
  • -p <parameter list> = Defaults to ALL
  • -H <end time> = end period for accumulation
  • -N = accumulate negative values
  • -u = update accumulated values beginning with the day after last QA total date
  • -l <m,o,l,e,s,c,n,9,8> <report file> = ignore these flags, where:
    • m = missing
    • o = Out of Control
    • I = invalid
    • e = exceedance
    • s = suspect
    • n = negative
    • 9 = -999
    • 8 = -888

    Note that you should only edit or configure these ProcessNow tasks if you are familiar with making configuration changes. Adding an additional argument or task to ProcessNow can have adverse effects if you are not aware of the consequences.

    For more information about specific ProcessNow tasks, please reference StackVision online help. Click 'ProcessNow Task Descriptions' under 'StackVision Administration' (Requires Login).

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Clint Anderson, System Implementation Engineer, ESC    Published: 4/12/2017 11:08:51 AM

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