The ESC DAS is the premier continuous monitoring Data Acquisition System in the U.S.  ESC|StackVision Software plus the ESC 8864 Data Controller hardware unite to create the best data acquisition system for all air compliance continuous monitoring needs, including CEMS, COMS and CPMS.

Leading-Edge Software

StackVision offers insights into your emissions and compliance that other software solutions simply can’t. We constantly work to keep up with changes in technology and the regulations. That’s why StackVision is the most popular CEMS DAS software in the country.

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New Features and Well Supported

StackVision is a robust, flexible solution that can grow or shrink to meet your systems’ needs. ESC actively develops StackVision and also develops materials to help our customers learn about new features and best practices. Visit the Resource Library to learn about new features in our quarterly releases and sample some of the articles, presentations and webinars.

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Simplify Complex Compliance

StackVision transforms your compliance recordkeeping and reporting from a time-consuming worry into an automated, reliable solution. The full ESC DAS partners StackVision with the data acquisition, validation and communications from ESC 8864 Data Controllers.

What is a DAS?

Quick, Accurate Reporting

Reporting your continuous monitoring data and deviations is a critical obligation, but it doesn’t have to be an exercise in spreadsheet frustration. With StackVision, you can quickly compile and deliver accurate CEMS, CPMS and COMS reports to the relevant state and federal agencies without worrying about human error or outdated calculations.

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