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The ESC DAS is the premier continuous monitoring Data Acquisition System in the U.S.  ESC|StackVision Software plus the ESC 8864 Data Controller hardware unite to create the best data acquisition system for all air compliance continuous monitoring needs, including CEMS, COMS and CPMS.

The 8864 Data Controller

The ESC 8864 Data Controller is a sophisticated, powerful hardware bridge between ESC|StackVision software and your emissions monitoring rack. It is, in essence, the engine that will power your emissions data collection and reporting. With more storage capacity, the latest firmware, and plenty of expert support from ESC, it’s no wonder the 8864 is the most popular data controller available.

8864 Information Sheet

The 8864 Ambient Data Controller

Built on the heritage of the ESC Data Controllers: the 8800, the 8816 & the 8832. For over 30 years, ESC has been supplying reliable Data Controllers for ambient applications. The 8864 continues the tradition of rock-solid controllers that “just work”. With a demonstrated Mean-Time-Between-Failure of well over 20 years, the ESC Data controller is the workhorse of the industry.

8864 Ambient Information Sheet

As Powerful As You Need

The ESC 8864 is your facility’s answer to efficient emissions monitoring. Compared to previous ESC data controllers—including the popular 8832 edition—the 8864 is 10x faster and contains 100x the data storage. As your capabilities grow—and as your CEMS requirements evolve—the 8864 is ready to handle your input.

New features of the 8864

Wide Range of Communications

The 8864 is an agile, sophisticated tool that can acquire emissions data from analyzers—and operational data from control systems—via digital inputs, analog inputs, and Modbus over Ethernet. It will also output data, flags, and commands through these channels. With plenty of power and speed available, the 8864 can be your one-stop shop for multiple data inputs and outputs.

Comparison between 8832 and 8864

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