The ESC DAS is the premier CEMS Data Acquisition System. The ESC|StackVision Software plus the ESC 8864 Data Controller unite to create the best data acquisition system for all air compliance continuous monitoring needs.

The ESC DAS - Software and Hardware

The ESC DAS is a two-part solution to your CEMS data acquisition and reporting needs. StackVision is the software. The 8864 Data Controller is the hardware. Together, they provide the most sophisticated, flexible, and accurate CEMS reporting and management available.

What is a DAS?

StackVision - Flexible and Powerful Software

StackVision is the premier air compliance software for continuous emissions monitoring with customers reporting for over 3000 units under Part 60 permits and generating over 1800 EDRs each quarter. ESC constantly works to improve our core product, whether to comply with new regulations or to update and modernize functionality.

StackVision is a robust, flexible solution that can grow or shrink to meet your systems’ needs. You’ll have complete control over calculations, configuration, and reporting—all without needing a degree in computer programming.

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Intelligent Data Collection - the 8864

The 8864 Data Controller collects data from analyzers, plant automation systems and equipment. It validates, averages and applies calculations to the data as well as sending it on to the StackVision server. Alarms and calibrations can be triggered automatically or data sent to the DCS. Ethernet and serial, Modbus and I/O cards, Digital and Analog, Inputs and Outputs, all can be easily configured without ladder logic. Internal storage can hold up to a year of data.

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Accurate Reporting

Does your current system breed calculation or collection errors? Whether it’s an over-manipulated set of spreadsheets or an outdated "blackbox" DAS, you run the risk of inaccurate reporting. And that can be extremely costly. The ESC DAS helps ensure your continuous monitoring reports are correct and complete, including required QA tests. We also constantly work to keep our hardware and software up-to-date with current regulations, whether Part 60, Part 75 or Part 63.

Sign up now for our upcoming webinar about surviving an EPA audit. Regulatory Specialist Jon Konings covers changes that CAMD is making to the Part 75 CEMS Field Audit Manual along with giving first hand experiences and talking about mistakes he has seen.

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