Power Generation

power generation facility at night

With the challenges of rising costs, the constantly evolving regulatory environment and the pressures to be good corporate citizens to name a few, power generation companies operate in a highly regulated yet chaotic atmosphere. 

Entrust your data acquisition and reporting needs to the experts and worry about one less thing.  ESC has nearly 50 years of experience in air compliance management. Our strong presence in electric utility and power generation as the leading supplier of CEMS data acquisition systems can give you confidence that we are in this for the long haul.

What Does ESC Bring To The Table?

ESC solutions for the power generation sector combine over 40 years of knowledge and expertise with innovative, customer-influenced software. Our software is constantly evolving to stay in alignment with the regulations and we work with our customers to ensure their needs are met. But we don't just stop at the software.  ESC also provides hardware, maintenance plans, training opportunities, engineering and reporting expertise, making us your true partner in air compliance. 

With everything from constantly changing regulations to security threats and technology requirements, we realize how complex this industry is.  ESC has you covered.  Regardless of your environmental compliance question, ESC has an expert waiting to help you each step of the way. 

  • Can't keep up with the changing regulatory environment?  ESC has a staff of regulatory experts who are responsible for staying on top of current and future regulatory issues. 
  • Staying current on regulations, requirements and reporting methods can be time consuming, but you can get the help you need from ESC, even with the new Part 60 electronic reporting through CEDRI. Learn about our Reporting Services.
  • Do terms like "remote hosting" and "cloud computing" scare you?  Don't let them! See our IT Services.
  • Need help understanding how NERC CIP requirements affect you? Or how to work with Modbus?  

Ask us to assist you with questions like these and more

Even after you have purchased an ESC offering, the help doesn't stop. Consult the industry's largest Support group and take advantage of online resources and events through our website and in the ESC Customer Community. You might also want to attend our twice-yearly user group meeting, where we share our plans, offer training and give our customers a chance to learn from each other as well as industry experts.

See How Our Statistics Stack Up

  • More than 51% of all electric utilities and over 68% of coal-fired facilities trust ESC with their air compliance reporting.
  • We have replaced more Part 75 stack CEMS DAS than any of our competitors have installed.
  • There are over 700 ESC|StackVision servers installed generating over 1800 EDRs each quarter.
  • More than 3000 total units are submitting required reports for Part 60, Part 75, and Part 63.