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Petrochemical Production

Petrochemical plant

No two facilities are the same. Even after 50 years, we don't take anything for granted.

Chemical production facilities are among the most complex sites to monitor. Depending on your products and processes, you may have a variety of source-specific NSPS requirements. You may also have units which fall under parts of the rule covering boilers, power generation or co-generation. NESHAPS rules come into play and we even have customers in the Acid Rain Program due to their size and sale of excess power from a co-generation plant.

On the other hand, your facillity might have to comply with rules designed for petroleum refineries, with all their recent changes and increased requirements. Many chemical production facilities also have consent decrees requiring tailored monitoring and reporting. Then of course, there are the rules of your local permitting agency, and so-on.

A mix of CEMS, CPMS and COMS might be required, depending on the processes taking place at the facility. And, the flow of material through the equipment you monitor, with all of its attendant processes and timings, is unique to your environment.

Assisting our customers with complex monitoring environments like these have pushed us to develop a highly flexible platform dedicated to data acquisition and handling for continuous monitoring.

A Flexible and Stable Platform

Support for key activities required in any continuous monitoring scenario, including; data acquisition, validation, averaging, alarms, QA/QC, data review, recordkeeping, reporting, and data retention are all built-in. These and more are well understood and well supported by our knowledgeable staff.

The flexibility is in:
  • The ease of configuration, done through user-friendly graphical interfaces, not through programming or ladder logic
  • The variety of input/output options: analog, digital, serial, hardwired, Ethernet, Modbus, OPC UA and more
  • The continuous improvement to our products to comply with new regulations and improve usability
  • The agile minds of our engineers, who are always up for the challenge of a complex installation

Knowledge is central to compliance. Why not employ a data acquisition and reporting solution that already knows how to handle data for continuous monitoring? One that is also flexible enough to meet the needs of your permit, your operations and your knowledge of how you want things done.

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