Your industry deserves a partner that understands your unique environmental reporting needs. Let us show you how the ESC DAS can get you back to focusing on what you care about most.

Common Ground

Because we have served a number of different sectors and worked with a variety of different decision makers, we understand how very different the subparts of the same rule can be in their final form, depending on the industry. As the foundation of our innovation, ESC employees are dedicated to identifying current and future issues, allowing current offerings to be adjusted and future offerings to be developed in accordance with customer needs.

Featured Industries

Power Generation

ESC is the country’s leading supplier of environmental compliance software for power generation companies and electric utilities. Learn how we can bring nearly 50 years of experience to your facility.

Petroleum Refineries

Petroleum Refineries are staggering under huge market pressures, and at the same time have been heavily targeted by EPA. The ESC DAS can help simplify data acquisition and reporting, reduce downtime and improve reporting accuracy.

If You Have An Air Compliance Problem, We Have The Solution

We offer nearly 50 years of experience in various areas of air compliance, we are experts at creating solutions for your environmental needs.  With experience in everything from the power generation industry to petroleum refineries and other sectors such as metals, pulp and paper, medical, cogen, incinerators, and more, ESC is an environmental compliance leader, providing expertise that helps our customers succeed.