Hg Calibrator Certification Made Easy

Published Aug 23, 2019

Hg Calibrator Certification Made Easy

Our calibrator certification service compares and tests the Thermo Hg 81i Mercury Calibrator against a NIST traceable vendor prime.

ESC & Spectrum
Combining Our Experience for Your Success

Especially for certification of Thermo 81i Hg Mercury Calibrators

We provide quality, precise, and timely certification of calibrators for our customers.

We go the extra mile to ensure you will pass your certification.

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The Hassle-Free Process

Our simple four-step process makes it easy to check and certify your system so it can continue operating efficiently on your site.

  1. Initial Evaluation
  2. Recommend Necessary Repairs
  3. Comparison Against NIST
  4. Final Adjustments

We are committed to saving you time and money. If a calibrator is malfunctioning or unable to pass certification, Spectrum will repair or replace components as necessary. After comparing against a NIST vendor prime, calibrator is properly tuned to the middle of each range, ensuring precise measurements.

Customers Come First

Once we receive a calibrator for servicing or certification, our customer service-oriented process begins. We pride ourselves on offering fair pricing and quick turnaround for calibrator certification.Turnaround time is often within one to two weeks.

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