ESC + Spectrum = Successful First Year of Partnership

Published Aug 07, 2019

ESC + Spectrum = Successful First Year of Partnership

This July marked the one-year anniversary of ESC's and Spectrum Systems' partnership to provide our customers with comprehensive CEMS compliance solutions.

ESC & Spectrum
Combining Our Experience for Your Success

Celebrating a Successful First Year of Partnership

ESC and Spectrum continue to operate under our individual company names, but together, we are able to meet any of your CEMS services needs, including CEMS integration, maintenance, repairs, training, stack testing, as well as DAS software.

We are fully committed to offering high-quality experiences to you, and we use each company's expertise to provide full-service CEMS and DAS solutions.

Take a look at all of the products and services we have to offer.

Joining Forces

“The mission and values of ESC and Spectrum align, and we knew our companies were a great fit for one another before our partnership became official last year.”
~Jeff Rabensteine, President of ESC & Spectrum Systems

“We have seen positive responses from both customers and employees as a result of the merger between ESC and Spectrum. Our team continues to be committed to helping our customers successfully meet their complex compliance regulations in their individual industries through consistently updated products and high-quality service.”
~Sean Myrick, Director of CEMS Operations

About Us

ESC and Spectrum offer 50 years of experience in air compliance monitoring and are recognized for creating solutions for customers in a variety of industries including power generation, petroleum refining, petrochemical production, steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, cogeneration, incineration and more. ESC and Spectrum share the same values of excellent customer service, team work, industry knowledge, and solving complex problems.


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