Are Software Updates Slowing You Down?

Published Aug 22, 2019

Are Software Updates Slowing You Down?

Let’s face it, you know how important your CEMS data is, but you already work hard to keep up with all the EPA rules and regulations and troubleshoot everyday issues with your CEMS. You just don’t have time to become an IT expert, too.

ESC has the Solution!

We'll do the upgrades for you! We have comprehensive IT services designed to save you time and take care of disaster recovery. Whether it's a server at your plant or our secure data center, we’ll keep everything up to date and proactively monitor for potential issues so you can focus on your real job. We also ensure back-up integrity so that you can recover quickly in the event disaster strikes.



Choose Server Management...

Let ESC manage your DAS server(s) at your facility remotely! We’ll make sure you’re up-to-date and can easily recover from disaster. We’ll perform SQL optimization, manage your drives and backups, monitor server health and performance, and upgrade your server platform when you're ready for the next generation.

Learn more about Server Management here.


Or Choose Remote Hosting!

Eliminate unexpected expenses by having ESC handle everything for you. We will provide the hardware, OS/SQL licensing, and perform the upgrades. Did we mention everything is secure in our data center? A  VPN tunnel gives around-the-clock access, just as if the servers were on your premises. No downtime. No costly IT expenditures. No worries about the performance of your system and the safety of your data.

Learn more about Remote Hosting here.


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